Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOPA II Bill Signed into Law

Due to radical take over of the white house by the republican party, it was an easy path to the signing of the SOPA II bill. The bill was said to be just one of a two-part bill movement in which there will be another bill passed which will give the government unlimited access to monitor citizen’s internet activities weather it be surfing the net, downloading material, or uploading material onto the internet.

Senator McLaughlin of Texas thinks it would be a great addition to the United State’s body of laws. “If you have nothing to fear, then you shouldn’t fear this bill.” Others are against the bill, saying that regardless, it is a breach of ethical conduct and should be seen as a major step backward for the United States government.

Wide outrage over this bill has lead to a large decrease of internet usage, weather it be through a personal computer or through a cellular device (iPhones, iPads, ect.). It should be noted that the large amount of protest against the bill outweighed current numbers at the political polls of all offices. This is something which stuns political writers like Gore Vidal find this to be outrageous. “If they did not want this to happen, more people should have voted for people who they believed in.”

Vidal goes on to say, “Problem is that due to the complexity and idiocracy that goes around politics, a lot of people would rather just not get involved. Problem is, they think this is a good thing. What they are not seeing is that regardless of the bad decisions and such, politicians are the ones who rule our lives. They make the codes we have to live by unless we want to be thrown into jail.”